Monday, June 13, 2011

my E DaYzz..wink2..

thinking of writing in purple coz im in d mood of purp'l...

uurrmm...of coz the most appreciation n praise should be for the Almighty Allah..

without HIM, i cant reach dis level..HE gaves me faith n i believed dat i was meant to be engaged wif d right person..

Alhamdulillah..d engagement day was blessed..n full of happiness..'s kinda weirdo to be someone "wife to be"..but i'l try my best to make myself enjoy wit dat title..hahahaa..fil like moving to the new world..huhuh..

for me..engagement is like a first step towards marriage..wat i nid second step to fill up the M' level...i nid to work..nid to have knowledge bout marriage..also knowledge of getting into new family members...

huhh...kindof hard to have them all in once..but its not impossible for people like me..mostly to adapt wit a new person comes into my life..n of would be an excitement to know each other closer..

btw..i want to thankz to all my frens who congrats my E' level..n,,soon to be M' level...perhaps so..