Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ya Allah...
thank you for giving me
lovely families,
good health,
good foods,
good friends,
harmony country...
and spirit to enjoy my live happily...
till now..

one thing I want to ask You,
my most merciful & perfect "khaliq", 
save Gaza's..
give them freedom to live..
chances to live happily..
stop the greedy Israelians, 
it can't be explained how mean they are... are dying..
they are lying & crying faintly on that stony ground..
and hardly breathe...
tears..bloods..are everywhere..
sadness surrounds the Gaza's..
poor them...
we believe in You..
STOP the war..
end their suffers..
we pray for the Palestinians freedom..
they are muslims like us..
they should have a perfect life..
help them..
we begged You Allah..
we hope..and we'l wait
MUSLIMS freedom..
wake up Muslims all over the world..
help our brothers and sisters out there..
support them..
they need us..