Wednesday, July 20, 2011


its 11:56 pm..
im sleepy but sleepless..
i need that person..the person who i loved most..
im sorry for what i've done..
but still u have to know that i love u so much..
yet to hurt u is not my intention..
im sorry for everything..
i feel like im a big loser...

its not wat r u thinking..
im happy to have u in my life..
u r my besfriend..the best guy i ever know..
tq honey for each memories..they are all sweet..
i remembered them most rather than my childhood stories..
i pretend to be happy and heartless when u hurt me..
im speechless and numb when u ignored me..
but i'd never gived up to love u..
the more things u bring up..the more thing i learnt from u..
n u should know dear..
the most pretty thing i never forget is ur smile...
ur happy expression..
i could see the pure face of u..
i love them most..
when i dreamt on u..
i always feel like im in heaven..
it was such a beautiful moment of us..
if only i can stop the time..
i wouldn't let the clock ticking..
then i would save the memories..
even rewind it everytime i want to..

i put away my ego..
so do my priorities..
i let the patience beyond my anger..
it is bcoz i love u..
n i want to see u happy..
but it seems like u cant even hold me more..
i'd made up my mind..
i'l hold my word to the very ends..
i'l fight for our sake..
yet to leave zero..
coz our love wouldn't be apart..