Saturday, August 6, 2011

cHilDHooD MeMoRIeS..~

i would say my childhood is the best thing happened in my bout u?..
yeah!..i'm seriously and totally mean it..

At first,
try to think deeply..when u are facing matters,,
did u ever said :
"kalaulah boley jadi kanak2 balik..;urrrgghh.!!i want to be a kid!!..."..etc,,
did u???
frankly, i did the same..hahaha...(-_-)'..
yeaa..truly, madly when i'm facing heartbroken,,
uurrgghh,,failure..or any kind of emotional acts..
yet sometimes i feel that im missing my old childhood friends..
for me..childhood memories are the best things to remember..
those things sometimes bring cheers..sadness..lovable..n desires..

i've ever thinking that everyone have their own goals to be a "kid" again..
some of them are blocking their minds thought for being adult..
just because of afraid to be frustrated..depressed..hurts..
as instances:
1) ,.you r scolded by ur superior..then everything are mess..urrgghhh...
yet to feel to r probably thinking to be kid again..
b'coz you don't have to work to earn life..right?
2) ..happened when you r struggling to finish your studies at the high level..
then you are apart from your family..
surrounded by the person that you don't even know..
otherwise you have to make friends..
in case to help you in class..or something else..

EXCEPT!!! you are a LONE RANGER..

o yeaahh...exactly YESS!!..
some people argue..~
by the way..
some of them are willing to face the reality..
babies...or toddler..then kids..teenagers..adults..
those things are normal..
its a human cyclical..or in other words..
the reality changes for each human being..
HAHA!!~ its the same thing..
though we'r changing..memories wouldn't change..
at least..u are intend to modify or to lose them..
they are immortal..

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