Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3.. a.k.a..ThREe..(^_^)..lUv..lUv...

what a love is..

love is passion..

love is pure..

love is an emotion..

love also cures..

love HIM

love eternally,

love with enthusiasm..

u'l live happily..


sumtimes..things wil change..

for da 1st time..i found sumtink differs from others..wat a miracle hapen to me..where did he get da key..?i dont ever knowing him..but how can he get me unlocked??

i love him..hes a kind of mature guy but sumtime naive..


82ly..knal since end of mac 2009,..alkisahnye...

gotta kol from my unty..'kakak,.usha2 mamat* neyh..die ni pemalu cket ngn die num die..017*******...'' i replied.."tp..hope end wit nothin la..i dont want any 2 focuz on my studies..promix me.." stuck inside...did im fallin in2 luv gain?nooooooooooo!!!!...

nampak gayenye gitula..hihi,(blushimm*...)neway...i like d way he is..simple,even hes much older...good listener..not a temper guy..n many other la..

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