Thursday, August 12, 2010

mY FiRsT LoVe.. here to wish u alls.."selamat menyambut ramadhan.."
going to story sumting here..
i'l start with my first luv..

my superman..

when u whisper me dat u love me..
my heart will beating fast than ever,
when u hug me tightly..
i can fil da warm of u much better..
either u miss me @ not..i don care,
but i used to miss u a lot for the time we share..
if u do care on me a lot..i'l ignore,
coz u cares for me much b4..
if u cried bcoz of me,
im saying i'm sory to hurt u baby..
when i tell u dat im going..
u dont noe dat its all faking..
u don even try to pursue nothing..
but i juz stil waiting..

i had a bad dream b4 u go,
gave me a lot of signs..
no matter dat i hold...
u'r always not mine..

when i ask u 2 decide..
u said,"i nid a time to think.."
juz fil like to suicide..
n my world become dim'..

everything is totally hard....
then i made a promise to mine,
"when i step forward..
means im done to ur world..
once im going..
there's no space for u to be in.."

tq for giving me a 1000's feeling..
u'd make my life worth while..
n for ur kindness..i got nothing to compare wit..

please dont blame me for who i am..
cuz i noe dat im nothing 2 u..
now, im change n i cudnt b da same..
after all dat i'v go thru..
by d way,thanz cuz tore my heart into pieces,.
im happy wit my own life now..
u r my past..n never be my future's..

p/s..i stil have d 's' sign on my calculator..haha..hope dat u stil kip my teddy..
fyi,.i'l kip u in my box eternally..daa~

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