Thursday, August 12, 2010

aFtEr 4 moNTh...~..(^_^)'


eLlOw KwN2..HoPe u R AlL FINe..

nOw....ItS StOrY Time!!!




historical,...stil linger in mind..

...then i talk to myself..juz let d past..

n d new one will come 2 u,

i lost in my own way..

4 d sake of myself..

i'v change

a lot...

dunno how 2 start mei..

mr. cOmOwT!...

i hold tight dis word.."wat goes around, comes around.."
after make up my mind..(still remember d past 82ly..)
i decide to have a new relationship wit a guy..hes a gud guy..
used to luv him also..
but we'v juz been together 4 half of year..
frankly..i noe him a lot b4,..maybe 4 a year..?

to mr.comowt...
if u read dis story..dont b anger key..
it juz a story..juz wanna share,..
hope u understand..

he makes me smile,
he makes me laugh..
even hes a mile..
he gave me luv,
sumtimes we found it hard..
when it comes to new heart..
even we'r apart..
we knew dat it was a start..
i noe it juz a while..
when we try 2 tuch' d sky..
it is too far too high..
we cant even giv a try...
i used to explain why,
but u kept saying me lie..
even u make me cry..
i'l never say goodbye..
then d time is passing by..
u'd come to say..'hi..'
dats d time my heart was died..
shud i let or juz rely?..
im sory i'd to let u go..
it 4 d tears dat i cant hold..
u r my luv, u r my soul..
i hope u noe dat i luv u so..
tq 4 being my fren,bf,n ever fill d empty of my heart...
i'l never forget it..
it cud be juz a beautiful moments of our lives..tq..:)
"..sejujurnya,kite ase selamat ngan gf kite pn,ngan kmu jerk"...
terharu la kite mr.comowtt..huhu..(8/19/2010)

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